Pittsburgh Seminoles Football



We are the Pittsburgh Seminoles, a semi professional football team based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The seminoles play in the Ohio Football League (OFL) in the Pennsylvania Division. The league is partnered with the Premier Amateur Football League (PAFL) and consists of 16 teams. Altogether, the OFL and PAFL combine for over 30 franchises throughout the Ohio and Western PA area.

The Pittsburgh Seminoles Semi Pro Amateur Football team has an outreach program targeting young men from the ages of 18 through 24. The purpose is to enhance leadership qualities through structure, teamwork, discipline, and most importantly hard work. Our goal is to help enhance the community through football. The outreach program will also be active in the communities conducting community programs for the upcoming 2014 summer months.

The Seminoles primary team goal is to provide football entertainment to the surrounding area. Secondly, we mentor and inspire young men to pursue their dreams through football with the intent to fulfill what their heart desires.  Third, provide players who no longer play the game, an opportunity to play again competing at the Semi Pro Amateur Football Level representing the greater Pittsburgh area. It is our goal to provide the opportunity to be exposed to scouts at all levels, (College, Arena League and other professional teams in Canada and Europe).

There are over nine-hundred teams in the United States who are affiliated with the Semi-Pro, Minor Leagues Professional Development, Senior Amateur or Adult Amateur in over sixty different leagues. These players have played high school or college ball and want to continue competing. The vast majority of these players do not get paid to play they, continue to compete for the love of the game. This involves players purchasing their own equipment as well as other expenses needed for their success. For more information on the National Semi-Pro Football Headquarters, you can find them at www.semiprofootball.org

Pittsburgh Seminoles